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Mainsail Founder,

Sandra Nesbit

Sandra Nesbit is the Founder and Principal of Mainsail Capital Group. Mainsail Capital Group serves financial advisors as they move through the process of “what’s next in their business.” 

Going through any business transition is similar to dating and marriage. Mainsail Capital Group guides you through all the challenges that may occur prior to making the commitment.  We want to provide the knowledge and resources to have a successful partnership.  Sandra is always client centered and driven to provide solutions and services as they are needed. 


She was a Director at National Advisors Trust Company; and served on the Governance Committee. Sandra is a former Managing Director of a large RIA and was responsible for M&A activities after merging her firm with them in 2018.  Prior to the merger, Sandra was a co-founder, Principal, and Managing Partner of GFS Private Wealth.  She began her career in the financial services industry at IDS Company in 1992.  IDS was an early adopter of financial planning and recognizing its impact for clients.  Sandra took her knowledge to Merrill Lynch in 1994, where she was instrumental in the development of the firm’s financial planning tools and trained advisors the benefits of using planning.  Sandra became an advisor in 1997 at Merrill Lynch.


In 2012, she left the brokerage industry to serve as a fiduciary and lead a successful fee-only wealth management RIA practice, GFS Private Wealth, LLC. In addition to firm leadership, she focused on Total Wealth planning for affluent individuals and their families, specializing in the areas of legacy planning, including wealth transfer, and conducting family governance meetings.  In 2015, under Sandra’s direction, the firm started Mainsail Family Trust, a Trust Representative Office of National Advisor Trust Company.  Sandra is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ as well as a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™.

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