What’s Now or What’s Next

What is your now? Are you starting your day fully energized and engaged, or are you stuck and feeling defeated? Do you have a clear route in seeking out the solutions for the next phase of your business? It’s a choice we all make daily on how to react to our feelings and to ensure we have a solid plan. It’s simply about managing our own behaviors, and as advisors and fiduciaries, it is imperative you have the ability to manage your clients and teammates too.

M&A is constantly in the news, displaying all kinds of choices to be made, along with repercussions from those decisions – both good and bad. It’s easy to be impacted by outside noise and media coverage from whichever outlets you choose to follow, which can have a negative influence on your behavior. Your firm prepares detailed reports, presentations, and charts showing past returns and other insights in order to give your clients confidence in the advice you are providing. An advisor would never want to show that they aren’t sure of their own advice, or project a questionable appearance of their competencies. When you allow your emotions to transform your normal behavior, it can be harmful to your firm’s culture, your alignment with your clients and your team, and the value of your firm. It is important to take the time and prepare to deal with the emotions that will occur when it comes to the next phase of your business succession plan.

When you feel overwhelmed, scared, or worried about all the things you cannot control, it rarely makes you happier or better at your craft, nor does it make you more satisfied or successful. In fact, it can stop you in your tracks and hold you back from some amazing possibilities.

Being told that I would never be happy or satisfied led me down a road where I would never settle for less – a continuous search of the best possible solutions and techniques. Before you take the next turn, it may be necessary to let go of the possibilities that the current or previous path held.

My current course is choosing to never stop growing professionally and personally with emotional intelligence. I choose to think about ‘What’s Next’!


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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