Don’t Be Fooled Again

Watch out: There is another movement to be aware of in these times. It may not be about you, your cause, or your family, but we should all be aware that some news outlets (including the new breed of “citizen journalists” who are blogging and using social media to amplify their opinions versus trying to truly help people) are just looking for a story or something to sensationalize as a way to get attention and clicks.

One thing in particular I am concerned about is that female entrepreneurs are held to a different standard than their male counterparts, and I am taking a stand on the matter. We should not allow this double standard to continue.

A recent press request from a journalist at a seemingly credible media outlet for business professionals asked if I was gardening, baking, or exercising during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Wow – are they reaching out to all entrepreneurs with this same bias?

If you are a competent professional, you don’t appreciate being pigeonholed because you are a woman. None of us want to feel that we are “lessor than” or unimportant compared to our male counterparts.

As a professional businesswoman during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I am spending my time reaching out to everyone I admire and scheduling time to discuss concerns, lessons, ideas and how we move forward. I have not been baking, gardening or ironing. I continue as I always have: to look for what’s next when we are thrown a curve ball – especially in times where none of us can really see around the bend.

So here’s my stance: Let’s not get stuck in stereotypical gender thoughts. Remember those that led the way to ensure we are not separated from the talents we generate. Learn from the past, don’t live in it. Look onward to the future and imagine all it can be.

Why give others the power to influence us as they try to make us think small? Keep your vision, drive, and imagination firmly in place and move forward.

Of course, there are times we should reach out for other’s advice and opinions. But why play the woman card? Learn from your life lessons and share those experiences. As the infamous band ‘The Who’ sung, “We Won’t Be Fooled Again”!


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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