Here’s the #1 Response to a Wished-For Superpower, According to my Friends

If you had a Superpower, how would you use it? I recently posed this question to a diverse group of friends thinking it would be both interesting and fun.

The world, as we normally know it, has been placed on pause and/or is out of alignment with our normal activities. So, to lighten things up – and out of curiosity – I wanted to find out what people would say.

While a few said they would like to fly or time travel as their superpower, the overwhelming response was to HEAL.

I pondered what response would I have received if I sent this question six months ago – or what it might be six months from now. I realized from my brief little census of people, how all of them are involved in the recent events, which are big; but I also wonder how long our attention will remain where it is today?

We humans have seen terrifying things in our lives, but when I offered everyone a superpower and most of them responded with “heal,” it makes me feel we are close to the end of listening to the noise. We are growing tired of hearing all the bad and suffering and want to move forward with our lives. Humans are survivors and even though some of us take on different roles, we can’t sit too long and watch the suffering of others. This is not about politics or religious beliefs; it is based on human emotions. There are bad people in the world and there always have been, but good always wins.

I believe, especially now, that we need a little laughter to heal; and sometimes we can just laugh at ourselves. So ask yourself:

“If I could have a superpower, what would it be and how would I use it?"


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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