Follow the Dollar

There are times when events that don’t feel quite right occur in all aspects of our lives. Some of us will want to question these events and others will stick their heads in the sand and ignore them, continuing to go with the status quo. As someone who questions everything since I was a child, it was important to me that I understand the notion of just getting along and not rocking the boat, but this certainly is not my personality. Some glaring examples can be seen when someone is buying your business or selling you anything, a colleague climbing the corporate ladder, or an election in government.

One of my mentors relayed these sensible words to me a long time ago: “Follow the Dollar.” I will never forget this simplistic yet wise statement. One can easily apply this statement to all of the scenarios that are mentioned above. When a new product is developed, its success is based on supply and demand. Of course, competition is important as well. What surprises me is how some people can be persuaded and sold even when it is not for their benefit in any aspect of their life.

Why do we continue to repeat history instead of learning from it? Going back through time, we have studied market cycles, fashion cycles, economics, and more. It is interesting how they all come back.

Our country is standing in a place that is incredibly unsettling for many of us as we approach an extremely confrontational election. Both sides are speaking about completely different agendas. It is important to remember: are the candidates benefiting from their agendas, or do they support and benefit our country and its citizens – people who love our freedom and the choices we have been given?

It is not that hard, folks – just “Follow the Dollar”! God Bless America!


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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