The Games People Play

The lyrics below are from a song written in 1968 by Joe South, which won a Grammy for Song of the Year.

“Oh, the games people play now; Every night and every day now; Never meaning what they say now; Never saying what they mean.”

It is interesting to see how history keeps repeating itself. It doesn’t have much to do with the events of the time; it’s that our human emotions have not evolved that much. We have seen how human behavior can be influenced by fear and greed, with varying levels and occurrences in every industry, including politics and anywhere else there is money or power to obtain. With that being said, how does one know who is good, bad, honest, has integrity, and accepts responsibility for their decisions?

Throughout time, there have been leaders that have been trusted merely for their titles alone – politicians, law enforcement, doctors, pilots and teachers, to name a few. In times of crisis, true character is revealed, but also the games people play – making it easier to learn whom not to trust. The flip side of the coin can be seen when authentic leaders take their place and step up to do what is right for their fellow man.

As history has shown, these periods and these “leaders” do not usually last too long, as we discern who we can trust; not only by their words, but based upon their actions.


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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