Why Consider M&A – Why Not

Are you sitting on the fence about what’s next for your firm? When markets move rapidly, it can be very unsettling, but it can also be an opportunity to evaluate the key needs and goals for your business. For some time, M&A shifted to a sellers’ market during the great bull run we had experienced. Now with market corrections, volatility, the Covid-19 virus, politics, and other world events, you may be wondering, “What do I do now?"

You built a RIA business and employed a team to take care of your clients; have the recent events made running your firm more difficult? Then maybe it is time to review some possible solutions that could remove some of your business pressures so that you can truly focus on advising your clients. If you get to a point where you feel the services you’re able to provide to your clients are inadequate, then it may be time to think about what’s next.

There are many choices to sift through when considering what makes the most sense for your firm, and it’s important to pause and think about your long-term plan. What is best for your clients, your team, and for your business?

There is a vital process that can ensure you make the best choice. As you move forward through these turbulent times, don’t forget to think about why you should or shouldn’t consider M&A – for now, and for the long term.


Sandra Nesbit

Mainsail Capital Group


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